new TIE card | Humphrey Carter

The process of obtaining the new TIE card went swimmingly. I made an online appointment and within a matter of days I was down at the immigration office being swiftly processed by the ‘Brexit’ team.

All very impressive and it certainly felt like Spain has bent over backwards to make life as easy as possible for Brexit British residents with paperwork.

I was then given a website address to log on to to make an appointment to collect my TIE card on or around the date the Brexit team suggested, the recommended date was even printed out on an official document.

So, I did as instructed and booked my collection appointment, for which I received a text message 24 hours before confirming the date and time. Off I dashed with a spring in my step - there was only a small queue so it all began very quickly.

However, on handing over the collection document, I was told I was too early - about a month too early, my card was not ready.

Somewhat confused, a member of the Brexit team was on hand to explain that, quite simply I, and no doubt many others, am making a ‘blind date’ with immigration officials to collect my card. I have now been told to aim for an appointment around the middle of May - my card should be ready be then.

Surely a system could have been introduced to confirm when cards were ready for collection, it would certainly save a lot of time wasting on everyone’s behalf.