new TIE card

new TIE card

02-05-2021Humphrey Carter

The process of obtaining the new TIE card went swimmingly. I made an online appointment and within a matter of days I was down at the immigration office being swiftly processed by the ‘Brexit’ team.

All very impressive and it certainly felt like Spain has bent over backwards to make life as easy as possible for Brexit British residents with paperwork.

I was then given a website address to log on to to make an appointment to collect my TIE card on or around the date the Brexit team suggested, the recommended date was even printed out on an official document.

So, I did as instructed and booked my collection appointment, for which I received a text message 24 hours before confirming the date and time. Off I dashed with a spring in my step - there was only a small queue so it all began very quickly.

However, on handing over the collection document, I was told I was too early - about a month too early, my card was not ready.

Somewhat confused, a member of the Brexit team was on hand to explain that, quite simply I, and no doubt many others, am making a ‘blind date’ with immigration officials to collect my card. I have now been told to aim for an appointment around the middle of May - my card should be ready be then.

Surely a system could have been introduced to confirm when cards were ready for collection, it would certainly save a lot of time wasting on everyone’s behalf.


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Lynn / Hace 9 months

We used Mallorca Solutions and it was so easy, quick and not expensive. No time wasting. However Luke I had the same words said to me by the Doctor at the health centre are in Spain , speak Spanish! This was when I was trying to out sort out my husbands treatment for cancer. So awful. I have always said racism is alive and well in Mallorca ... however I still prefer to live here


Luke / Hace 9 months

You were lucky I had much worse experience. I had to go several times in my rented car from Alcudia . Each time me and my translator friend took a half day off work. To book each appointment I tried for weeks several times a day and only then would be able to book one. This is what happened on my dates with the Spanish bureaucrats:

1st Appointment: My early July appointment was cancelled without any notice due to new TIE rules coming in force. And told on the door appointment was cancelled.

2nd Appointment: I was sent away for my bad that I didn’t have a document with me.

3rd Appointment: Finally I managed to submit application by that time new “Brexit” team was in place. Lady was friendly and helpful. I got a letter in Mid September asking me to book an appointment for fingerprints. Oh boy took me two fun weeks of trying to book the earliest available one at end of November.

4th Appointment: Upon arrival I joined a long queue outside and then I was pointed to another queue inside which 15 minutes later turned out to be the wrong one. Joined the Brexit queue waiting another half hour. Arrived at the desk and was told by the gentleman that I have booked wrong appointment and I have to back and book another one. I don't speak much Spanish so he brought me out to a security guard who speak good english. I was told to go home and waste another two months to book the "correct" appointment. I checked my letter and realised I have the appointment I was told book on the letter. Despite this being there in black and white they were adamant that I have to book another appointment. I refused to leave and meanwhile the lady that was ahead of me in the que came out and advised me to go to the other desk in Brexit team. I apologised to the people in queue and barged in the room. This lady listened and said yes not your fault we can take your fingerprints. She processed my fingerprints and printed on the letter to book an appointment after 15th Jan.

5th Appointment After more fun of booking the late January appointment. I arrived waited for 15 minutes in a queue and turned away by a police officer on the door saying my card hasn't arrived yet. And this is almost two months of my fingerprints appointment. He didn't even bother asking me my name. I stood my ground and asked how does he know my card is not without checking. He wouldn't listen. I asked him that I have spent money and time to get here why no one bothered sending me a message an email or a phone call to let me know. Here is the climax of the story I write his response with crossed arms and aloof "You are in Spain now!" I was ashamed to hear that from a uniformed officer wearing his country's badge uttering these words. Well I had nothing to say after that I left.

6th Appointment You guessed it right after fun of playing book an appointment lottery on the extranjeria's website I arrived for my appointment in mid March. Same officer standing on the door asks me where is my fingerprints letter. I told him I don't need that I have my appointment that asks me to bring my passport. He told me I can't pick up my card without it. I insisted on going in. I think he remembered me so to avoid an argument he let me in. On the desk no one asked me for the fingerprints letter. I was given my card after 8.5 months.

So, you got away lightly! Appointment system could easily give you next available date whenever it is. That will people so much disappointment. Every time you go through those three stage form and told "No Disponible!" It's like a punch in the face.

With all it's resources and beautiful people, this country could be something. It's bureaucracy does not believe in serving it's people.