COVID-19 restrictions. | P. PELLICER

The pandemic has brought a new global divide to the surface, the vaccine and health care have and have nots. Not only are the under developed countries struggling to combat Covid, even here in western Europe, the powers that be have failed to step up to the plate and deliver sufficient aid, on all levels, on time.

However, as the Covid battle continues, I think it is time for an injection of compassion. After over a year of restrictions, which some claim to be an infringement of our basic human rights - hence the increase of weekly anti-control protests. But their is also a growing sense of anger towards the way some governments, politicians and businesses have behaved.

Many have been accused of lacking compassion during the pandemic, taking advantage of an extremely sad and serious situation for their own gain. Millions of people have been locked away at home, others have lost their jobs as politicians and employers have played fast and loose under the smokescreen of either helping fight the pandemic or make peoples’ lives easier.

I have no doubts that politicians and employers have not had it easy, but many, the vast majority, are in privileged positions, my main concern is how your average Joe has been treated and what the immediate future still holds for many if we are hopefully seeing light at the end of the tunnel. A return to normal will need compassion.