British tourists

British tourists.


Full marks to the Chief Executive of the Melia Hotel Group, Gabriel Escarrer. He was responding to claims by some who said that they didn´t want to see a return of the record number of tourists who came to the island pre-pandemic in 2019. Escarrer said that these statements were effectively a kick in the teeth for those people who worked in tourism but who were unemployed at the moment and also the closed businesses and those who were having financial problems.

One thing which has become crystal clear over recent months is that Mallorca needs tourism more than tourism needs Mallorca. The local economy has gone into meltdown. Now, is not the time to be talking about less tourists than in 2019, it is more a case of talking more tourists than in 2020. We are certainly not out of the woods yet and there are still question marks over the key British market.

While the Germans rule supreme across Mallorca it is the British who are the top clients across the Balearics with Minorca being especially reliant on British tourists. If the Balearics are not placed on the “Green List” then it will be an economic nightmare for the local economy.

Comments about visitor numbers are rather short-sighted. These comments can be made when the islands are booming not now. To reduce the enormous unemployment rate in the islands, tourists are certainly needed and this is a state of affairs which can´t be forgotten now or later.


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John Williams / Hace 8 months

Maybe tell the customs people here in Mallorca. Three friends of mine with perfectly sensible reasons to travel here - they all own businesses on the island - have been turned away in the last two weeks. All three have had both Covid jabs. We all want security but as Mallorca welcomes German tourists but turns away Brit businessmen it's hard not to smell the whiff of Euro politics. Germany is months behind the UK with vaccinations.


Brian Emery / Hace 8 months

Since Brexit the EU has done nothing but try and stop goods moving in an out of the UK and you wonder why Boris has all of you bar Portugal on the amber list. Like the rest of the EU you just want British money and now Boris has put a stop to it you are bleating about how much we are missed. Spain threatens us about Gibraltar and expects Brits to love you, get real. Your vaccination rate and infection rate are much higher than ours, than Brussels for that. They stopped using AZ vaccine saying its no good but want more doses, how can that be? SOS on hotels ,all down to Brussels treat Britain with respect and Boris may let us return, but I suspect not this year.


noel caffrey / Hace 8 months

Car hire in Majorca this summer, prices have trebled from last year - this won't encourage tourists


Julie Smith / Hace 8 months

we were supposed to be flying to Majorca on friday with Easyjet but due to reading on here and the UK gov site saying Spain aren't allowing non EU countries in< I cancelled it. Can someone please explain why there were loads of flights from Easyjet and Tui yesterday and today into Palma if they are not allowed entry. I will be furious if it turns out we could have come


compo / Hace 8 months

Being on the green list is not the No1 priority. Actually allowing Brits into Mallorca is and IF this is confirmed for May 20 then there will be an immediate flow of tourists from Britain which will then accelerate when Mallorca goes green. Yet all we hear about is about colours and nothing about being allowed in - cart before the horse!