A passenger speaks with a British Airways staff member in the departures area of Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport in London | REUTERS


For the past three days, news channels in the UK have talked about little else apart from the traffic light system and whether it is fit for purpose.

As we all know, Spain has a block on non-residents entering the country from third party countries, such as the UK and, if sources in Brussels are to be believed, there is a danger that the ban could be extended while EU countries watch how the Indian variant plays out in England and other parts of the UK.

But, variants aside, some MPs on both sides of the house maintain that the traffic light system is simply adding to further confusion over international travel.

While Boris Johnson has said that he wants to enter into a world of no more restrictions but guidelines so the general public can use their best judgment, he, and a number of other MPs, have said that people should not be going on holiday to amber countries like Spain. So why have the amber group at all.

Just have green and red and everyone will no where they stand. There were even comments from inside the Labour Party yesterday that a ban on international travel should remain in place for the time being.

The traffic light system is not the answer, it’s faulty and is clearly in need of repairs. It lacks clarity and has put millions of people in a frustrating situation and I fear the uncertainty could continue for the short term.