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If you read some of the comments on social media you would have thought that doing paperwork in Mallorca was a complete nightmare. I am not a big fan of doing paperwork, it is a something I try and avoid like the plague. But over the last few weeks, as a result of circumstances, I have had to do a lot of running around getting documents together which culminated yesterday with being vaccinated against Covid-19 at the old Son Dureta hospital.

Full marks to all. The system works. I had to get an appointment with the tax office and of course these days you have to take into account the restrictions for Covid. I applied for an appointment online and got it for the next day. My case was processed on time and successfully. Full marks to the tax office.

The vaccination process has been widely criticised. Same story again, though. I applied online and the staff at Son Dureta were exceptionally polite and efficient. No problem at all. The whole process completed in a matter of minutes. Full marks to the health authorities. Granted that you do need a certain level of Spanish to navigate the websites involved but apart from that, the system works.

I was amazed to see the large number of staff on duty at Son Dureta. They had a big workload but they were coping. It is easy to criticise and complain about the system. Yes, it can be a complicated and of course all your paperwork has to be in order because it will be a real nonstarter. But once again, thank you to the local authorities. You have made getting the new TIE residence cards for British citizens easy and doing paperwork is not such a nightmare after all.