Boris Johnson is so proud of the vaccine roll out, so why the travel delays? | Gemma Andreu

The British government have been shouting from the roof tops about how fast the Covid vaccine programme has been rolled out and how the UK is jabs ahead of Europe and most of the world, so why has Boris Johnson been so hesitant to let people travel overseas?

Yes, we know that the UK is worried about people importing new variants, but Covid variants, just like ‘flu, are quite likely to be around for a long time yet, may be for ever which is why leading pharmaceutical companies are working on nasal sprays and tablets to make annual anti-Covid medication easier to access and administer.

It could be down to politics and sour grapes, but despite the UK’s vaccine performance, it is being put on a mounting number of EU country’s red lists and the delay in allowing people to travel overseas without PCRs and quarantine if fully vaccinated throws up a worrying question. Just how effective are the vaccines?

I have had my jab and once I’ve got my Covid passport next month, I will pretty much be able to travel any where in the world, so why can’t the British?

There are no doubt many reasons such as the government wanting the British to spend their money in the UK, but the longer Johnson puts the brakes on foreign travel, I fear more people may start to doubt the effectiveness of the vaccines.