With Freedom Day and double-jab travel looming will the British save the season?

With Freedom Day and double-jab travel looming will the British save the season?


The number of European countries tightening travel restrictions on Spain is growing as Covid cases continue to rise, not only in Spain, but across the continent, however the UK is determined to go ahead with Freedom Day this month and launch the double-jab travel scheme for Amber countries.

While the Balearics remains on the green watch list until at least Thursday, when the travel traffic light is reviewed in the UK, if the islands are demoted to Amber, the double-jab rule will mean that losing its green standing will have little impact with regards to British tourism.

British holiday bookings for the Balearics have already risen by over 60 percent since the double-jab scheme was announced and it means that when restrictions in the UK end on July 19, a total of 33.8 million people will be able to travel to “amber” destinations such as Spain.

Last year over 18 million Britons came to Spain, it is the country’s largest market, and with the Germans being advised to stay away from Spain and the French making travel difficult not to mention Denmark and other smaller markets, the Balearics is there for the taking by British holiday makers desperate to get away this summer.

Airlines have significantly increased their flight programmes between the UK and the Balearics in anticipation of a major surge in demand and now that the football and tennis are over, for many it is time to book there Majorcan holiday.


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Rich / Hace 5 months

Mallorca should be easier to save as there are a lot less businesses to save.


GrahamJ / Hace 5 months

Simple as this. I ain’t going overseas until this COVID issue is sorted once and for all between departing and accepting Countries of Tourists acceptable to all levels of Nationals, ex.pats, millionaires etc etc etc….. I realise this disease has to be lived with along with such areas such as flu etc and Boris has stated ( unlike others ) that it’s gone either be with us for a while or even forever…so… until some common ground is appreciated, then I and gonna stay here in the UK


Adam Keelan / Hace 5 months

I won't be the only UK National to be confused by current Mallorca tourism entry requirements as outlined on the IllesBalears website - would any of your readers be kind enough to help with a bit of clarification for me please? We're travelling via France and Barcelona and then ferry to Palma . Broadly understand the Spain mainland requirements - but do we still need a Covid test to come to Mallorca if we're double jabbed and can prove it? Getting a valid Covid test while passing through Spain would be a bit of a pain. Any advice gratefully received ! And am I right in assuming we have to fill in a health form before reaching the Spanish border and then filling out another if we spend a night on the Spanish mainland? Very grateful for any thoughts! Many thanks


john / Hace 5 months

I agree with Humphrey on some things, but if Mallorca does go to amber this week,with France and Germany advising against travel to Spain. There's nothing stopping it going to red in the next review. Like a traffic light system suggests..you see Green, and your ok.You see Amber and your cautious and alert what could happen next. I wouldn't book a holiday on amber with all the government advice in the world.


Stan.. / Hace 5 months

How I wish the Season could be extended, Airlines to keep flying to Mallorca. , Hotels to stay open all until Christmas and the Three Kings.. That would complete a 6 Month Season. Ensure work and maintain The Islands Economy. Could it be done?. It would rescue this Season. Could attractive discounts be made to continue bringing Tourists and late Holidays.