It may take longer to get through the airport but that is because of strict controls. | Gemma Andreu


There have been complaints and praise for Palma airport’s Covid controls, it has just won an award for how it is handling travellers and it appears to be justified.

The other day I was talking to a front line Covid nurse visiting the island from Madrid. She works at what was dubbed Spain’s first Covid hospital in the capital and had some pretty shocking tales to tell, especially about what she and her colleagues went through during the very first wave of the pandemic.

However, what was interesting was what she had to say about passing through Palma airport.

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Being a keen traveller, over the past 18 months, restrictions permitting, she has travelled a great deal around Europe and Spain and she said how impressed she was with the Covid controls on arrival at Palma airport and how it made her feel safe.

She explained that very few airports in Spain, including Madrid, and others in Europe, have such strict controls, much to her surprise. She said that on numerous times when flying back into Madrid, for example, she has just been waved through, no checks at all.

While, on arriving in Palma, she was asked to provide all the required documents and complete a track and trace form, despite being a Spanish national and only on the island for a few days to visit friends. And, compared to Madrid, she was impressed by the fact that so many people are still wearing masks. Majorca remains a safe bet.