“At the moment we can´t get canned haggis to Mallorca let alonge Tokyo...” | pixelio.de

A friend of mine has developed a taste for canned haggis (yes, it does exist and I told that it is very nice!). The problem is that it is not the sort of item you will find at your local Mercadona! So my friend buys it online in Scotland and it is sent to Mallorca. Simple. Well it was. His latest six purchases have failed to arrive.

It is a question as Robert Burns said: “Some hae meat and canna eat!” The canned haggis mystery probably has more to do with Brexit than Covid restrictions because some British food items are still not arriving. Exports of British food products have fallen because of red tape. Imagine trying to explain the ingredients of haggis to an over-anxious customs official on the continent!

But seriously I hope this is not a taster (excuse the pun) of what is in store (excuse the pun again!) for us with Brexit. I thought that the whole idea of Brexit was to make Britain a great trading nation once again, exporting the Best of British to the world. At the moment we can´t get a couple of cans of haggis to Mallorca let alone Tokyo or New York!

So it is obviously work in progress but I am sure that the issue will soon be resolved and canned haggis will be available once again on Mallorca! I must admit that during my 35 years as an expat in Mallorca I have heard many stories about bringing food items back from the UK but I have never heard anyone wanting tinned haggis! I hope that the next Burns Night on Mallorca is not canned because of a shortage of haggis!