We’ve had the traffic light review, now it’s time for ministers to keep quiet | MORELL - kf - EFE - EFE


It was good news for the Balearics yesterday with the British government leaving Spain on amber, although returning holiday makers will need to have a test, preferably a PCR. But, with the next review of the traffic lights not due for another three weeks, it means that the British can confidently come to the Balearics until the end of this month, which works well for families because children go back to school early September.

So, British families can enjoy a holiday while the Balearic tourist industry can relax in the knowledge that it is all systems go for the rest of the month.

However, some sectors of the industry have warned the British government that is does not want another three weeks of mixed messages which will only serve to dent consumer confidence and further confuse travellers.

And I agree. Over the past few weeks Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and the Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, kept contradicting each other over overseas travel and possible changes to the traffic light system.

Shapps made it clear yesterday, Britons can go on holiday without having to look over their shoulders for any sudden changes to the travel rules and regulations.

So for once, can Westminster now enjoy its own summer holiday and leave the rest of the country in peace so people can make their own clear decision as to whether they want to travel or not. Time to stop messing people about...shut it!