British paper’s online service

British paper’s online service

13-08-2021MDB files

Everyone has gone online shopping crazy during the pandemic and the vast majority of online suppliers are playing by the rules when it comes to cancellations or refunds.
However, there is a problem when it comes to signing up to newspapers which offer an online subscription rate.

With no UK newspapers, apart from one daily red top and a pink one on a Sunday, available in the Balearics, I am sure that a number of people have subscribed to one of the broadsheets to keep abreast of what is happening in the UK.

My question is if you have, have you tried to cancel your subscription because it is impossible.

I, for example, have been trying for months to cancel a subscription.
I have cancelled it on the website and have been informed that the cancellation order has been received, but I am still paying.

So, I decided to go to my bank and get them to halt the payment only to be told by an extremely all about bank clerk that I can’t. She explained that once they have my credit card details I am trapped.

But, there is a solution, but it is a bit of a pain - get a new credit card and cancel the one from which the newspaper has your details.

So now I am without one of my credit cards for a few weeks while I wait for the new one.
So, be warned if your have subscribed and are planning on cancelling.


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