“Something needs to be done about the Deya road and fast...” | plozano


I love Deya. It is one of my favourite villages on the island. Luckily or unfortunately I am not alone in my thinking! This small village made famous by Robert Graves is packed during the summer and the council need to have a serious look at the road situation. The main “highway” from Valldemossa to Soller goes straight through the village and the road is packed. Unfortunately the pavements in the village aren´t too wide and you can´t make them any bigger because you would just make the road even smaller. During the summer months the village is busy and in some instances you have quite a nasty mix of traffic and pedestrians.

The council need to take radical action and find ways to reduce the number of vehicles that go through the village. No easy task. The options are limited but a greater use of public transport could be one of the answers. Only allowing access to residents would solve the problem but it would be a nightmare for the tourist trade, vital to the Deya economy. A similar problem occurs on the Formentor road but moves to limit the amount of traffic have failed leading to even greater traffic tailbacks.

Residents in Formentor have said that the problem is even more pronounced now than it was before. The theory is a good one; you have to reserve your place before making your journey, but there is little or no control, so the reservation system has rather stalled. The local authorities needs to look at the traffic situation and fast.