Mallorca is becoming a natural film studio for global productions. | CINTIA SARRIA

The cameras are rolling all across the island on productions, be they for TV or the big screen. The latest Andy McNab-based SAS film was partly shot on the island and Netflix appears to just love filming in Mallorca, a major German production is well under way and more recently Adam Sandler just finished filming his latest movie The Hustler on the island.
And, what is particularly interesting about The Hustler is that it was originally written to be set and filmed in China.

In the film, Sandler plays a sports agent who, in an attempt to kick-start his career, travels overseas to find the next big thing in the NBA, with the plan originally for that to see Sandler’s character go to China.

The script was written originally for Sandler to find a player in China - then they discovered that Netflix is not in China.

“So Netflix asked us if we would please make it so we find somebody in Latin America or Europe? So the next thing you know, I’m in Mallorca,” Sandler revealed this week. So, to Mallorca they came and filmed at a number of locations in Palma and across the island, just as Love Island was being broadcast live on ITV2 from Mallorca with strong audience figures.

If Mallorca can quickly attract the likes of Netflix and actors of the calibre of Sandler, the island’s audio visual industry must be doing something right and certainly has a bright future.