The Balearics is not alone in trying to tempt young people to get vaccinated. | JUAN MEDINA

There are a number of reasons as to why the pace of the vaccination programme in the Balearics has dropped off over the past few weeks. The most obvious is that young people, the 20-to 40 age group which the government is most concerned about, have been enjoying their summer holiday away from home or out of the municipality they are registered to be vaccinated in.

However, the Balearic health service is also having problems is tracking down a large number of 50 to 59-year-olds who have to complete their vaccination course.
But, it is not just in the Balearics where young people appear to be dodging the shot.
In the UK, for example, a university has created a 5,000 pound raffle in a bid to get students to come forward to get vaccinated, one of the lucky graduates-to-be will win the jackpot - much better picking up that than Covid!

The Balearics however, has not quite gone that far and is by no means offering cash incentives. What it is planning is a fleet of mobile units which will target sites like the university and other education centres and hope that, with the vaccine on their doorstep, young people will start coming forward in numbers needed to reach that 90% herd immunity.

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One approach could also be making clear that the harsh reality of not being vaccinated will hamper people’s lifestyles and options, in particular those of young people.