“I can´t understand why anyone can be opposed to cruise ships...”

“I can´t understand why anyone can be opposed to cruise ships...”

23-09-2021G. ALOMAR

You would have thought that the sight of four cruise ships in Palma this week would have been welcomed by all. After 18 months when the Port of Palma has almost been empty of cruise vessels there should have been a general round of applause from all. But no. The anti-cruise ship body went into overdrive claiming that once again the Port of Palma would be overcrowded and the city would be unable cope.

I would say that the people of Palma would welcome the sight of cruise ship passengers with opened arms. The business community must have been especially happy. I do understand the concerns over cruise ships, but to be honest, now is not the time. Businesses in Palma have suffered badly during the pandemic and their takings have fallen dramatically.

Many bars, restaurants and shops are reliant on cruise ship passengers. What I would say, though, is that the whole operation could be better organised so you don´t have four cruise ships arriving on the same day and then none the day after. I know it is difficult because the cruise ship companies plan their schedules years in advance but dialogue is obviously needed. Palma these days needs cruise ships.

A large number of businesses have been set-up to cater for passengers. Those who would like to see the Port of Palma cruise ship free should remember the dark days of the pandemic when the port was empty. We need cruise ships more than they need us.


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Rich / Hace 26 days

What is the average wealth of the anti cruise ship group. If not retired I assume tourism does not form part of their business model. Nice to know they will throw their fellow business owners onto the bonfire of bankruptcy. I'm alright jack!


lionel / Hace 26 days

I agree with Peter, the island needs to change to higher quality of tourists. At the moment Arenal and Magaluf are a disgrace at night. The police cannot cope with the poor behaviour. On a windless day the Bay of Palma the sulfur pollution from those ships ,covers it with yellow fumes. Unhealthy to say the least.


Harry / Hace 26 days

I completely agree. I arrived yesterday, my first visit since March 2020, and couldn't believe how quiet the airport is. The knock effect to all the small businesses that work within the tourism industry must be awful. Cruising is massively gaining in popularity and the islands would be crazy to lose that revenue stream. They'll just go somewhere else.


Peter / Hace 26 days

I think you are wrong in believing they are good for the islands. Just look at the fossil fuel pollution they give off, just great for the environment and global warming let alone the fact that they are mobile pandemic hot spots. Tell me how that can be good for the island and the world in general. Plus there is always the fact - proven or otherwise - that they spend little when they are actually here.