“The Balearic government deserve praise for their coronavirus plan..” | EFE


It was a question of Mission Accomplished for the Balearic government yesterday as they eased most of the coronavirus restrictions and even Nightclubs will be allowed to re-open from early next month and it will be almost normal service in bars and restaurants.

This is quite a turnaround, just 12 months ago the islands went into lockdown again, The number of cases of the coronavirus remains low on the island despite the fact that the tourist industry is almost in full swing. The vaccination programme has been a big success and the local government should be congratulated. Overall, I would say that the local government has done relatively well and they do deserve some credit.

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While the bars and restaurants will always complain that some of the restrictions which were introduced were too severe, the figures rather speak for themselves, a low number of cases. Even the tourist industry shouldn´t complain too loudly. Against all odds the island has enjoyed a holiday season, probably not as good as before but better than expected.

But it is the vaccination programme where the government deserves credit. After a slow start the local health authorities managed to vaccinate a sizeable part of the population within weeks. It will take years for the Balearic economy to recover and there are some who believe that the islands will never welcome the number of tourists seen before the pandemic in 2019. But finally there is light at the end of the tunnel.