Balearic President Francina Armengol with all the winners including British Consul General Lloyd Millen (fourth left). | CAIB


The British Consular network across the Balearics were given an award by the Balearic government last week. It was in recognition for all their hard work during the pandemic and for their close links with the travel industry and of course the local government. These are awards usually given to companies involved in tourism, from hotels to travel firms.

The award, which was presented by Balearic President Francina Armengol to British Consul General Lloyd Milen, underlines the close working relationship which exists between the two. I know that there were regular discussions and contacts between the Foreign Office and the Balearic government over the travel restrictions which were introduced by the British government. It must be remembered that for a few days the Balearics were the only place in Spain which was on Britain´s “Green” list for safe travel. I would say that this was a result of the close working relationship between the regional authorities and the Consular network.

Sadly, the Balearics was later placed back on “amber” after a rise in the number of cases on the islands. And it is not just the pandemic. The Balearic government and the Foreign Office are working closely together on Magalluf and public safety campaigns. It was an award which was very well deserved and I know that it was well received by the Consular team. A close working relationship between Britain and Spain is vital and this award underlines the closer ties.