Tourists in Palma during the winter season. | P. PELLICER


The Spanish Minister for Tourism, Reyes Maroto, said in Palma this week that she is confident that the Balearics, in particular Mallorca, will be able to enjoy an extended tourist season this year due to countries, in particular the UK, easing their travel restrictions as we head into low season.

However, a number of airlines and leading hotel chains do not share the same enthusiasm and are already starting to plan flight reductions and hotel closures. In fact, a large number of hotels have already decided to call it a day for this year and have started planning for 2022.

The general impression is that the focus is very much on next year but there is a winter to get through and Mallorca, in particular Palma, has much to offer during the low season.
Over the weekend I noticed scores of packs of cyclists peddling around the island and they were clearly from abroad and Alaro castle was full of hikers of all nationalities. But, to make this winter work, the tourist industry as whole has to be united and working in cooperation with key markets such as the UK.

Perhaps a reduction of airport taxes in Palma until Easter would not go a miss, it may encourage airlines to continue operating, while hoteliers are calling for an easing of the tourist tax. Writing off the winter would be a real shame because there are plenty of reasons to come to Mallorca over the coming months.