To my surprise, the Spanish government is standing firm on recreational cannabis use. | R.L.


The “extreme right” party Vox has continually accused the Socialist-led left wing coalition of being a group of confused communists which will only bring down the country. Well they certainly got a shock in the Senate on Tuesday.

The PSOE Socialist party voted against a proposal to legalise cannabis for recreational use, even though this meant aligning itself with the contre right Partido Popular (PP) and far-right Vox, which also opposed the measure. The proposal was defeated overwhelmingly, with 75 votes in favor, 263 against and nine abstentions. The PSOE is only willing to consider legalising marijuana for medicinal purposes.

However, I know plenty of people who enjoy the “recreational use” of cannabis and quite often grab a whiff of dope as I wander around the island. Just the other weekend while up at Alaro Castle, from behind some ancient boulders wafted a rather strong smell of cannabis. So how does the government actually intend to enforce the ban when very few people take any notice of the existing laws?

What is more, the junior party in the coalition government, Unidas Podemos, favours lifting the ban on the grounds that people will continue to smoke cannabis and that legalising it could create thousands of jobs.

With the PM needing all the support he can get to keep the right wing at bay he can’t afford to allow his coalition to go up in smoke.