Trump is making waves and Spain’s far right party Vox has global intentions. | EFE


Donald Trump is about to launch his own social media platform which will not only enable him to bypass his Twitter and Facebook bans but also post videos and live streams which will no doubt do wonders to global stability. What has surprised me is that Apple is apparently already offering the Trump app for sale, surely Apple would have had more sense or does selling Trump make financial sense?

And, closer to home, Spain’s far right Vox party has launched an international anti-communist alliance, the “Madrid Forum.”

The Forum is a loose association of far-right parties and individuals from across the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, aiming to “confront the threat posed by the growth of communism on both sides of the Atlantic,” according to a press release on Vox’s website.

It transpires that leading Vox party leaders have been busy since long before the pandemic visiting like minded parties in South America and Republican Party factions in the United States, nearly all of them great fans and very close to Trump.

And, Vox has not wasted any time in winding up the growing number of far right parties in Europe. What Vox’s endgame is remains somewhat of a mystery, but with seats in the Spanish parliament and rising support in Spain, they could provided the PP with the extra votes needed to topple the Socialist-led coalitions.