“A full investigation will have to be launched by the airport authorities...”

“A full investigation will have to be launched by the airport authorities...”


How many times have you read that a ring-of steel was in place around airports or other “high security” buildings? Probably many times.....so how were a group of North Africans able to escape from a plane at Palma airport and melt into the night? It sounds incredible, really. A plane declares a medical emergency on board, lands, the door is opened and all of a sudden at least 20 people make a break for freedom.

The ambulance was not accompanied by a police vehicle which is usually standard practice. Already, the political fallout from this incident has started with the opposition Partido Popular calling for a complete investigation. What is both interesting and alarming is that the ringleaders of this plot (because most people now believe that it was a well organised operation) knew the exact security protocols at Palma airport.

Now, there are always going to be security breaches and lapses but this is pretty serious and I suspect that security has been enhanced at the airport. There are obviously numerous question marks over this incident ranging from why police failed to board the aircraft alongside medical staff as to why was it possible for such a relatively large group of people to escape.

These are all questions which will have to be answered at length but what is evidently clear is that the Balearics has a serious problem of illegal immigration from both sea and now air. Mallorca needs more resources to cope.


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