“The battle of the booze is about to begin on Mallorca...” | MICHELS

The changing face of Mallorca. If the Balearic government has its way we will have a rather different tourist industry next season. The new law of excesses, which aims to curb alcohol abuse and tourists behaving badly in resorts, could change the face of the industry. You can imagine the headlines in the British tabloids: the party is over in Magalluf....Drunk Brits told to go.

All those who say that they have heard it all before might get a shock because Balearic President Francina Armengol is very serious. It is almost the headline grabbing story of her four years in office. Some people might get quite a shock, some tourists might go elsewhere and some in the tourist industry will cry foul. But, this lady is not for turning. She has made it clear that she will be sticking to her guns.

The final chapter in Magalluf´s long history as the party resort may be turned next season. But it is not just the Brits. The Balearic government will also be cracking down on the Playa de Palma, which has been dubbed the German´s Magalluf. I think for Majorca to continue to develop as a tourist resort, change is needed.

Hundreds of millions of euros have been invested in Magalluf by the private sector in an effort to take the resort up-market. The final hurdle is Calle Punta Ballena the infamous strip. The law of excesses aims to outlaw bad behaviour in Magalluf. Will it happen? I very much think so, Armengol has nailed her colours to the mast. The battle of the booze will begin next year.