Brexit continues to be full of surprises, now it’s VAT and customs and excise duties. | MDB files


OH if only we had all been told the full story, well at least those who voted for Brexit - life could have been so much easier for expatriates living in the Euro zone.

Not to mention Britons who own second homes in the EU or those planning on purchasing one and are having to now account for added costs incurred because Britons living in Spain and the rest of the EU, or moving into the bloc, must now pay VAT, customs and excise duties on goods they want to import from the UK.

As part of Brexit, Brussels has also slapped kilometres of red tape on UK exports to the EU, including meat and dairy.

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Many fresh products must now undergo a series of strict sanitary and phytosanitary checks to enter the EU.

The logistical complications have spelled trouble for some British businesses based in Spain as they have had to switch their suppliers.

And, it has also meant that is some cases, the price of baked beans and HP sauce and other such delicacies many expatriates still miss has increased while diary and meat products are being sourced in Ireland or Denmark when it comes to the bacon.
Plus, the paperwork involved has meant that import and export companies are facing lengthy delays at border controls.

There’s no such thing as a true full English anymore, even if you can get your HP sauce to go with it.