“It is too early to say that the islands will have a record season next year...”

“It is too early to say that the islands will have a record season next year...”


I am always in favour of being optimistic especially when it comes to this fantastic island but reports of a record holiday season next year are rather optismitic and it might be a question of wishful thinking by some. Britain and Germany are on the verge of introducing restrictions as a result of a surge in Covid numbers.

The British economy appears to be on course for a major slowdown or even a recession and Germany is also struggling. In otherwords money will be in short supply especially with the rise in inflation. Yes, on paper providing everything goes to plan, the island could have a record season but I think it is too early to make upbeat forecasts when times are still very uncertain.

The message from the Balearic government is that everything will be back to normal in 2022 (fingers crossed) but leading local hoteliers have added a note of caution especially following the rise in Covid cases across Europe. The Balearics needs to be prepared for a good season and I would suggest to the local government that it looked long and hard at the tourist tax. Opposition parties are calling for a gradual withdrawal.

This is not a bad idea especially if German and British tourists are watching their pennies. Hoteliers should also think twice about raising their prices, Mallorca will be facing stiff competition from resorts across the Mediterranean. There is light at the end of the tunnel and probably we will have a good season next year but at the moment I would just keep fingers crossed,


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David / Hace 13 days

Jason Looking at early on line prices for 4 *packages in June the U.K. companies are Not trimming their margins as prices appear quite high. I am a flights only customer and the costs are massively high compared to 2019 all carriers at close to 700 return with bags. My mate who runs a travel agency says people are being put of by the ever changing paperwork and rules and are waiting until nearer the hols to risk booking. Many British have booked a staycation already for 2022