“I think that people who are refusing the jab are being very selfish...”

“I think that people who are refusing the jab are being very selfish...”

01-12-2021SERGIO PEREZ

Here we go again. I think the chances that we will be able to enjoy a “normal” Christmas are slim to say the least with the Balearic government already introducing new restrictions. Asking clients to show their Covid passports before entering a bar and restaurant with a capacity of more than 50 people is a good idea and full marks to the government. Not only will it ensure (or should I say should) that people are extra careful all those who are unvaccinated will be left out in the cold.

To be honest I do think it is amazing that some people are still refusing to have the vaccine, despite the best efforts of the medical profession. Everyone agrees that vaccines do limit the impact of Covid and those who refuse the jab are being incredibly selfish. But now the Balearic government is turning up the heat on them with the Covid passport. Initially, it will be just for bars and restaurants but what next big supermarkets and shopping centres? The government is taking a gamble with the Covid passport but I do believe that once again they will be forced to introduce limits on numbers at family gatherings and in bars and restaurants.

The Covid figures in the Balearics continue to rise and we have two public holidays next week which could lead to large gatherings of people. Large gatherings last year during this period forced the government into introduce major restrictions over the Christmas period. Let us keep our fingers crossed that there is no repeat this year.


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Rich / Hace about 1 month

Gabriel. Tests show that in some cases the vaccinated can carry a heavy viral load. Everyone is different.


Tawny / Hace about 1 month

Totally agree with the previous 2 comments. What a petty schoolyard mentality people are displaying with their bullying of people who do not trust or wish to take the vaccine. As a vaccinated person myself, I still think it is essential that people have the personal choice to decide what they do with their own bodies!!! And as for trusting governments with your body, well you don't trust them most of the time to run countries with their lies and false promises so it is perfectly understandable that some people do not trust the latest propaganda. Stop the incitement of non-vax hatred and act like responsible adult!


Gabriel / Hace about 1 month

Ben, you are not well informed. If you are vaccinated, even if the virus didn't get killed by the antibodies and you spread, the viral quantity that you spread is very low (if the immune system produced enough antibodies; it can happen that it doesn't for different reasons: weak immune system, disease, medication, etc). So if somebody gets it from a vaccinated person, chances are they get a very mild reaction because of the small viral amount. The unvaccinated ones, on the other hand, are super spreaders. The viral amount is very high. That is why it is important to get vaccinated and keep distance.


Ana / Hace about 1 month

I cant understand how it can be selfish to decide to not take a vaccine that have been developed during an extreme short time, and where there are NO clinical longterm studies on what it might cause us. There are however studies that are showing that even vaccinated people are transmitting the virus, the difference however, is that they are able to walk free around transmitting it to everyone as they don’t have to test themselves (as the unvaccinated people actually do) Every person have their free will, and so it should be as we live in a DEMOCRACY!

I find it very scary that we are moving towards a polarised society pointing fingers at eachother. Havent we learned anything from the second worldwar?!!! At the Nuremberg trials between 1945 -1946 it was decided that FOR ALL FUTURE it would be FORBIDDEN to force any medical treatments or medicines without the consent of the person. NOR would it be allowed to STIGMATISE a person with symbols like the Judish star or passport. And yet history is repeating it self again . 😱


Gemma / Hace about 1 month

LOL the irony of this terrible article is almost comical. It’s incredibly selfish for people to expect everyone to insert an experiment that is still in trial into their body. It is incredibly selfish for small minded people to support segregation. If we argue from the point of view of the narrative being pushed, the vaccinated spread the virus as much as the unvaccinated. You will also find that the so called selfish unvaccinated don’t support the testing game and are therefore not providing then with numbers from the unreliable testing. Hmmmm where are those numbers coming from…. The vaccinated testers!!!! What about children? You think they are selfish for not having a vaccine that’s not actually a vaccine put in their growing bodies?? Can you, Mr Moore tell those children how that vaccine will affect them in the future? Would you like to take a trip round some hospitals and see the myocarditis patients who are young and we’re healthy before the jab????? Your attitude is honestly horrifying. How’s your natural immune system? Do you eat healthy? Exercise? Stay active? Avoid alcohol? Smoke? Etc etc…… let’s open the selfish conversation shall we!!!!


Neil / Hace about 1 month

Absolute rubbish. Vaxed transmit the same if not worse than vaxed. I've had Covid and had a headache for 4 days, thus why the hell would I have the jab. A v good friend had a brain hemorrhage one week after from being forced into the jab. The vaxed have the mutations more than unvaxed, maybe the vaxed are the selfish ones. Or do we start calling overweight people who eat too much sugar and have diabetes selfish because they suffer much worse and have caused most of the deaths and thus hysteria over the pandemic?


Peter / Hace about 1 month

And the medical support industry. Doctors, nurses and hospitals are filling up with unvaccinated people instead of treating the sick. Got it now Ben et al.


Mark / Hace about 1 month

Ben, nobody ever claimed what u say. The only reason we have this vaccine, is to protect the healht services and hospitals. It is not a cure, you just get less ill and don't take up hospital and or IC beds. No more, no less.


Ben / Hace about 1 month

... 'those who refuse the jab are being incredibly selfish'


Being vaccinated does not reduce the risk of catching Covid, or reduce the risk of a vaccinated person spreading the virus. In fact, those who are free to roam are more likely to spread the virus.

So, how is someone refusing the vaccination being selfish, if the only person they are putting at greater risk is themselves?


James / Hace about 1 month

Give it a rest Jason. Your obsession with the vaccination and passports is incredibly weird.