“I think that people who are refusing the jab are being very selfish...” | SERGIO PEREZ


Here we go again. I think the chances that we will be able to enjoy a “normal” Christmas are slim to say the least with the Balearic government already introducing new restrictions. Asking clients to show their Covid passports before entering a bar and restaurant with a capacity of more than 50 people is a good idea and full marks to the government. Not only will it ensure (or should I say should) that people are extra careful all those who are unvaccinated will be left out in the cold.

To be honest I do think it is amazing that some people are still refusing to have the vaccine, despite the best efforts of the medical profession. Everyone agrees that vaccines do limit the impact of Covid and those who refuse the jab are being incredibly selfish. But now the Balearic government is turning up the heat on them with the Covid passport. Initially, it will be just for bars and restaurants but what next big supermarkets and shopping centres? The government is taking a gamble with the Covid passport but I do believe that once again they will be forced to introduce limits on numbers at family gatherings and in bars and restaurants.

The Covid figures in the Balearics continue to rise and we have two public holidays next week which could lead to large gatherings of people. Large gatherings last year during this period forced the government into introduce major restrictions over the Christmas period. Let us keep our fingers crossed that there is no repeat this year.