Palma has the worst quality tap water in Spain and now the Balearics is in trouble.

It is ironic that, on the one hand the Balearic government is telling us to use less plastic while on the other, the quality of Palma’s tap water is the third worst in Spain and city residents spend their lives stocking up the house with plastic bottled water - and eventually those bottles have to be binned. The majority may well be recycled but that is not the point, why can not Majorca sort out the water?

Well, now it may have to get its finger out and sort it because the European Commission is going to take Spain to the European Court of Justice for failing to adopt sufficient measures to combat nitrate pollution, the EU executive announced yesterday.

The Commission considers that the efforts of the Spanish authorities to date have been “unsatisfactory and insufficient” and the Balearics has been singled out as one of seven regions which has failed to have reached the targets set out by the EU.

Brussels recalled that it already sent a letter of formal notice to Spain in November 2018 and a reasoned opinion in June 2020 for Spain’s non-compliance with the requirements of the Nitrates Directive and now it looks like the Balearics are going to have to take notice.

Perhaps, like I have suggested in the past, the millions of euros of EU Covid recovery funds Palma intends to use on the tram would be better spent on improving the quality of the water.