The floored roll out of the Covid passport has just caused more confusion. | Toni Planells

On the whole people are not stupid, well from what I am witnessing on the streets of Palma, not in Mallorca, some other countries have sadly demonstrated how dangerous stupidity or lack of respect can be in times of crisis such as the pandemic we are having to continue living with.

Any way, while the local government now decides how best to approach the Balearic High Court with its next round of Covid passport demands, I have noticed a marked increase in the number of people of all ages wearing masks again on the streets of Palma, especially in busy shopping areas.

It would appear that despite what the authorities say, or don’t, the majority of people have decided that wearing masks again is a sensible idea.

No one wants more restrictions or hurdles, never mind Christmas being round the corner, I think people are considering life in general, the long game, post Christmas and the festive season. Covid is not going to go away just because Santa and the Three Kings have.

It’s encouraging to not only see people using common sense and taking some responsibility but also doing so without any interference from the government.

We are all grown up enough to have learnt important lessons over the past year and more than capable of doing what we see fit.

Obviously, there are those who beg to differ, but if the vast majority take the lead, we are on the right track in Mallorca.