How many times have you wondered what people are searching for on line? | EFE

Everyone has always enjoyed the odd earwig but how about netwigging - what are people searching for on line?

Well, Google, has just published the most common searches in Spain for this year and what is interesting, Covid is not up there.

The results provide a very enlightening insight into what people in Spain are most interested in.

Google has broken it down into six categories but in neither does Cove come any where near the top, if it features at all.

For example, the top general searches are: Time tomorrow, Eurocup, La Liga, Real Madrid, Roland Garros, La Palma Volcano, Bonoloto, Mbappe, Atlético de Madrid and NBA.

In fact Covid related searches only came up three times in the How, When and Why categories.

How: How to get a Covid passport came in in seventh position.

Why: Why does the arm hurt with the vaccine came in fourth, why Messi left Barcelona was third.

When: When is my time to get vaccinated came third but when is Black Friday came in second.

So, while the population of Spain is obviously concerned about Covid and how best to combat it, they don’t appear to be obsessed with it and have managed to get used to living with it, well on line any way.

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