“Mallorca must find ways to cash-in on its successful movie role...” | R.D.

Mallorca has a golden opportunity to become a big player in the movie business and hopefully it can build on its success. Already, local production companies are expanding on the island and Mallorca has been used to film productions ranging from the excellent Night Manager to the new series of The Crown. Other big Netflix productions are set to be filmed here later this year.

The job of the local authorities is to find ways to cash-in of Mallorca´s movie success. There is no better publicity than being featured in productions such as The Night Manager. Pollensa has a golden opportunity to underline its movie credentials. A sizeable part of The Night Manager was filmed at Sa Fortaleza in Puerto Pollensa. The council´s tourism department needs to underline this state of affairs when they visit international trade fairs or even when they hold talks with the international travel industry. The beauty is that all this promotion is totally free of charge.

The scenery and beauty of the island speaks for itself in The Night Manager. The Crown is a bit more difficult because Majorca was being used as a backdrop for Italy but a bit of careful promotion should mean that the message gets across. The movie industry is big business and there is no reason why the island can´t continue to have a starring role. It is also a win, win situation. Filming brings in vital revenue and vital promotion...now Mallorca must cash-in on its success.