“Having a fantastic ground, is brilliant, but you also need the players....” | FOTO: RCDMALLORCA¶

I went to the Son Moix stadium on Sunday night to see the Real Mallorca v. Barcelona clash. A poor match as Monro Bryce said in his column on Tuesday and to be honest not that enjoyable. I am not a frequent visitor to the Son Moix but the changes which have been made by the American owners are evident to see. The ground looks in better shape and things appear to be well organised.

Real Mallorca is no longer a relatively small club, it is now part of a multi-million dollar sports empire which also includes the Phoenix Suns, the NBA basketball team. Big plans have been unveiled to invest up to 20 million euros on improving the Son Moix even further. This is good news but all this cash rather depends on Real Mallorca staying in the first division. I sincerely hope that Mallorca will stay up this season but it might be a better idea to spend the money destined for the ground on new players.

Judging by the performance on Sunday, Real Mallorca, need to strengthen their squad. The one I saw on Sunday was a poor team but I appreciate that some players were missing because of Covid and injuries. But I believe that most Real Mallorca fans would agree that a few new players wouldn´t go a miss. It is all very well having a fantastic stadium but the only way you are going to fill it is if you have the players. It is a chicken and egg situation. Real Mallorca had a golden opportunity to beat Barcelona (who had a heavily depleted squad) they failed on the night despite a nice stadium and capacity crowd.