“I trust our government but in some instances I do feel it is double standards....” | MIQUEL A. BORRAS

We have little option at the moment but to trust our government. I am trusting them on the vaccine, the Covid passport, the face mask and the restrictions. Yes, I am doing what I have been told to do. If the government introduces restrictions then I will be the first to follow them. But sometimes I do feel that the government, in the case of the government of the Balearics, are giving us mixed messages. On Sunday I joined at least 15,000 people at the Son Moix stadium for the Real Mallorca v. Barcelona clash.

Everyone was doing their best to social distance and we were wearing face masks but 15,000 people sitting together in a stadium does raise some questions. Don´t get me wrong if the government says this is fine then who am I to question their decision.

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Obviously, in difficult circumstances they are trying to ensure that life returns to some sort of normality despite the pandemic. The second instance was the Three King´s parade in Palma on Wednesday night. Numbers were lower than previous years but still people were packed together.

No-one was asked for their Covid passport it was just a question of turn-up and watch the parade. The Palma city council yesterday cancelled the festivities to mark San Sebastian, a move which has been welcomed by many.

But there does appear to be some double standards. I was amazed, after the wave of cancellations, that the parade went ahead in the first place. But it did. Was it a question of the city council taking a gamble.....?