The big money is on the Maltese MEP Roberta Metsola to become the next President of the European Parliament and this could pave the way for the UK to try and renegotiate its position in Europe because Metsola is said to be a huge fan of Britain.

I believe that the fall out from Brexit, nearly all of which was either kept secret or not even the British negotiating team was aware, has made many people who voted in favour of Brexit wish they had not and now might be the time to start negotiating a new deal based on Norway’s. The Norway model was previously ruled out because it did not tick Theresa May’s boxes for the kind of Brexit she wanted - despite her being a remainer.

Norway’s relationship is as close as a country can get to the European Union without actually being a member.

By signing up to EU single market rules, Norway agrees to the four freedoms - the freedom of movement of goods, services, capital and people so it might cross another UK red line: the British government would retain control over its own borders.

Britain is struggling outside of the EU as are many Britons who live in the EU and there are further hurdles down the line for international businesses and travellers as a result of Brexit.

So, hopefully with a pro-British MEP in charge of the European Parliament, a better relationship with the UK can be established and perhaps talks of a better deal for all.