“The party is over for Johnson, he should call an early election....” | JOHN SIBLEY

I have never been a big fan of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson but he does deserve loyalty from his own Members of Parliament. Thanks to Johnson they secured big majorities and now that the “going has got tough” they have turned on him and his political future is in doubt. The Conservative Party is ruthless, in fact it can be compared to those Premiership football clubs who ditch their managers after three defeats.

Johnson won a landslide election victory with Brexit at the forefront against a poor Labour leader (Jeremy Corbyn) who was quite rightly judged to be unelectable by the British public. MPs toasted Johnson after his success and now some of them are plotting his downfall. Will he go? Well, he is severely wounded and the Conservatives have the reputation of being the “Nasty Party,” just ask Theresa May. I do believe that he will go sooner rather than later but what those rebel Conservative MPs have to ponder is who will replace Johnson.

There is no obvious replacement. The Prime Minister should perhaps do the honourable thing and call an election and let the British public decide. There is little chance of this happening but surely it has to be the most democratic option? Johnson has a reputation as a maverick. He was a good Mayor of London but a poor Prime Minister however he does deserve loyalty from his own party. Too many Conservative Prime Ministers have been topped by their own party, let the electorate decide.