“It is time for Spain and Britain to sign a mutually beneficial deal...” | Gemma Andreu -

S PAIN needs Britain and Britain needs Spain. Simple. But the Spanish and British governments are not making it easy for citizens from both places to live and work in their respective countries. You would have thought that a bilateral agreement between Spain and Britain would have been signed by now allowing British citizens to live and work relatively easily in Spain and likewise for Spanish citizens in Britain. There is so much red tape at the moment it is laughable.

A young Mallorca-based businesswoman has a fantastic idea for a business venture and she needs to purchase a field. Now, that Britain is outside the European Union she even has to ask the military for permission to buy her little field because the whole of Mallorca is considered an area of military importance! I assure the General that it is a nice little business and the field will not be used as a parachuting dropping ground and she is not planning to turn it into a military training camp!

The 90 day rule for non-residents needs to be scrapped at once because it is senseless and just costs Spain revenue from the holiday home owner and the long-term holidaymaker. The paperwork situation to live and work in Spain (and Britain) is causing quite a number of headaches. It is time for Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Boris Johnson to sit down over a nice glass of wine (no problem, there because Boris has plenty in his suitcase) and sign a nice little agreement which is mutually beneficial.