See if you can open Sa Fortaleza to the public. | R.D.

PERHAPS abit more communication is need between the various island councils. I was reading a report in a local publication about Majorca councils attending the all-important Fitur tourism fair in Madrid.

The report stated that Pollensa was aiming to attract more French and mainland Spanish tourists because of a forecast fall in British tourism which accounts for about 70 percent of all tourists. Meanwhile, Cala Millor has launched a major drive to attract...British tourists. So one area of the island feels the need to diversify away from the British market while another believes that the Brits could save the summer season. Mixed messages...think so.

Perhaps both municipalities are right, it is not a great idea to rely on one single market but I have a tip for the Pollensa council. Launch a campaign on social media thanking the British for being so loyal to the municipality over almost four decades and state that you hope to see them all again in 2022.

Better still you could try and persuade the British owner to open Sa Fortaleza, the coastal estate in the port where the hit TV series the Night Manager was filmed, to the public during the summer months. If you do that, and providing that there are no major restrictions, I can almost guarantee that the Brits will flock to Pollensa. It is not a question of the Brits falling out of love with Pollensa it is more a question that they couldn´t get there. And Cala Millor, the best of luck, I hope you are successful.