“You can´t sweep a few vinos at Number 10 under the carpet...” | UKRAINIAN PRESIDENTIAL PRESS SERVICE

The “line” taken by the Conservative Party is that the British public don´t really care if a few vinos were consumed at Number 10 Downing Street because the government is delivering on their election promises from Brexit to fighting Covid and of course building the alleged coalition to defend Ukraine. According to Johnson, Britain´s standing in the world couldn´t be higher.

What complete and utter rubbish. I am sick and tired of being told by Spanish friends and colleagues that the British Prime Minister is a laughing stock and they are not wrong. To think that the British public are not too concerned if the Prime Minister is questioned by police for breaking laws that he introduced, is laughable and to some extent sad. Whichever party official came up with this chestnut either had a few too many vinos at the Downing Street parties or is completely out of touch.

I hope it is the former because a police investigation involving the leader of the country is pretty serious stuff. No Prime Minister, the British public are not fools, and the party scandal is not going to go away. Do the honourable thing and resign and then you can have as a many vinos as you like. The bottom line is that these parties should never have taken place and there is no excuse for them.

Johnson supporters will say that he is a maverick, who delivers on his promises but does have his failings. His biggest failing is that he didn´t know what was happening under his own roof (allegedly).