I finally put my TIE card to the test and it made life so much easier. | plozano

It was made clear this week that the green residence card is still valid for expatriates officially resident in Spain, but having the new TIE card is a whole different ball game.

Having just enjoyed my first holiday off the island since the pandemic, as usual I embarked upon my journey to the mainland by ferry armed with my British passport, my Covid passport and my TIE card. Checking in for the boarding cards I decided to finally put the TIE card to the test - no problem and no one asked for the Covid passport on board.

Checking in to our hotel in Barcelona, I opted for the TIE card instead of the passport, no problem and again, dining out, no requirement for my Covid passport. Same again at check in at our hotel in the excellent ski resort of Formigal and for the hire of ski equipment, TIE card was sufficient and no questions asked. I started feeling sorry for my passport which, as one does, panics the entire time to make sure one has not lost it. And it was the same all the way home to Palma.

Latest data shows that a large number of expatriates still have their green certificate but being biometric and carrying a photograph, the TIE is clearly considered adequate proof of ID - I was also armed with my resident discount certificate from Palma council, no one wanted to see that either because all my information is contained in the TIE card chip.

Obviously, travelling overseas I will need a passport but for moving around Spain, the TIE card is all that appears to be required. Simple and smooth.