Elite Mallorcan-based state security forces have just pulled off a major victory. | MICHELS


There must have surely been some back slapping, high fives and shaking of hands in the headquarters of the national Police and the Guardia Civil in Palma this week after the success of Operation Casino which closed down one of the most active Mafia organisations in Europe, not to mention Spain.

In cooperation with crack agents from the United States, the United Kingdom and Italy, a four-year operation came to a swift and successful end across Europe and parts of South America and all of it was spearheaded by the Spanish police.

The operation was one of the largest, if not the most important, in recent years, but all the time, the security forces in the Balearics and across the country are constantly cracking down on drugs and rumbling Islamic terrorist cells on nearly a daily basis.

What is blatantly clear is that the police forces work, are extremely effective and have the respect and gratitude of the general public.

Having the belief and support of the general public is crucial for any security service and I can speak from experience when I say that the police, for the most part, take everyone with a problem seriously and, when possible, are very quick to act.

What is a crime is that not enough financial breaks are provided to agents coming from the mainland to cover the high cost of living in the Balearics where there continues to be a shortage of police. They deserve better than that.