“Britain can´t continue to expect miracles from its military...” | G. ALOMAR


Boris Johnson has gone on the world-stage calling on Russia, in no uncertain terms to think again about invading Ukraine. Britain has sent troops to eastern Europe and warships and fighter jets are being deployed to the Mediterranean. Once again the British military is being put in harm´s way when they don´t have the equipment for the job. Johnson announced that a squadron of Typhoon jets (12 aircraft) was being sent to Cyprus ....in the end it was just four aircraft. One commentator pointed out on Twitter that the Royal Air Force had either reduced the size of a squadron or there was a shortage of jets.

A Royal Navy destroyer, according to Johnson, was being sent to the Mediterranean to join an international force but it still hasn´t left Portsmouth. Its departure has been delayed three times allegedly because of the weather but some say it could be related to mechanical issues. All six of the Royal Navy´s Type 45 destroyers, each costing one billion pounds, are in port either in refit or being repaired.

These vessels have been dogged by a whole series of problems which have still to be rectified. The British army has deployed tanks and armoured vehicles to eastern European but they are outdated and should have been replaced. years ago. Successive British Prime Ministers expect miracles from the British military but at the same time they do not give them the proper tools to do the job. It is a sad state of affairs and Britain deserves better.