So, the Balearics are going to pay yet more income tax to Madrid, what’s the return? | Jason Moore

I guess it was inevitable, never mind inflation going through the roof, central government in Madrid was at some point going to have to cover the cost of having millions of workers on furlough during the pandemic; some in fact will remain on furlough for the next few months. But, as usual it is the Balearics that is made to pay, but as we have seen for decades, whichever party is in power in the islands, we never get a fair return from Madrid.

It is calculated that Balearic taxpayers will pay the treasury an additional 115 million euros, the 215 euros average being the third highest among Spain’s regions.
In Madrid this is put at 240 euros and in Catalonia at 231 euros. The national average is 199 euros.

Over the past few months, the Balearic government has yet again been trying to convince Madrid to review how it draws up its financial package for the region and not just base it on the standing population.

In the peak of a usual summer, the population triples due to the massive influx of tourists and this puts a massive strain on the natural resources, the infrastructure and municipal services and keeping all those fit and healthy costs vasts amounts of money which the Balearics never seems to get from Madrid.

Considering the importance of the Balearics to the national economy, we should not be used as a cash cow.