“Let us hope that the Russians will oust this horrible regime...” | SPUTNIK

I write these words with a heavy heart, watching on television and social media the destruction of Ukraine at the hands of an evil Russian regime. My heart goes out to the Ukrainians in their valiant and defiant battle against the invaders who now look to pound the country into submission with artillery and cruise missiles.

I sincerely hope that the Russian people topple the Vladimir Putin regime because that is the only way that the outrage in Ukraine is going to stop. The so-called ‘free world’ has sent arms and aid to Ukraine but sadly there is little more they can do without triggering World War 3. That is the simple truth.

Putin has made this very clear and it was probably one of the reasons he allegedly raised the alert of his nuclear forces. What we can do, though, is welcome as many Ukrainian refugees to our shores as possible. They need our help. I have been deeply heartened by the response of ordinary people.

Yesterday, I received a telephone call from one local British resident who said that she was prepared to drive a lorry with the food and essentials which have been gathered on the island to Ukraine. She is no “spring chicken” and I do not doubt that she will do it if necessary. Others have opened their houses to refugees and the Balearic government has said that all Ukrainians will be welcome.

These are terrible times and everything which can be done must be done. Let us hope that the Russian people can come to the rescue of Ukraine and ditch Putin.