I wish the Balearics would make up its mind, does it want foreigners or not? | Emilio Queirolo

Yesterday Palma’s small business sector issued a plea to not start limiting cruise ships just yet as they need the revenue to help them recover from the pandemic while MPs were debating the new Tourism Decree which opposition parties claim will have a negative impact on tourism especially the holiday rental industry which is worth well over 80 million euros per year.

The Port Authority is under continued pressure to permit more moorings, especially large ones to accommodate more super yachts which also generate vast amounts of money for the local coffers and businesses.

And, again in Parliament yesterday, the proposal to limit the sale of properties to foreigners was raised and the government agreed to study the motion tabled by Més per Menorca.
And, don’t forget the plan to have fewer but wealthier tourists.

Now perhaps I am missing something here, but as soon as people start restricting markets, the reaction tends to be a nasty one - especially when it comes to spending hard-earned money.

If someone wants to come on holiday to the Balearics, and let us be honest, we need as many tourists as we can get after the pandemic, you can’t stop them. In a similar way how can you prevent a foreigner from buying a house? I am sure the European Union would have something to say about that. So what do we want?