Bellver Castle in Palma is a hive of activitty on Sundays, but something is missing. | L. BECERRA


This Sunday, as is the case on most Sundays whatever the weather, Bellver Castle and its surroundings woods were a hive of activity.

Dog walkers, joggers, cyclists, hikers and groups of people making the most of the picnic spots, the area attracts hundreds of local residents, not to mention tourists wanting to visit the castle and enjoy the view.

And, this Sunday, with a large cruise ship in port, there was a steady flow of coaches taking passengers up to the castle, which was open as it always is on a Sunday. However, the new bar and information centre which has been built in the car park overlooking the woods behind was closed, it is always closed on a Sunday which would undoubtedly be its busiest day of the week.

Having the bar open would add to the attraction of heading up to the castle and no doubt generate some welcome income for whoever has the concession.

Ironically, the bar at San Carlos Castle near the Dique del Oeste was open and was enjoying a roaring trade with its great views, not only of the castle but the port and the coastline.

I know it is still low season, but Bellver Castle is a magnet for locals and tourists all year round and even if the castle is closed, there is no reason for the bar not to open. It is set in a beautiful location and could be made into a new attraction for Palma.