Russian salad or ensaladilla rusa is one of Spain’s most favourite dishes or was. | R.D.

Restaurants across Spain and elsewhere in the world have taken the famous and extremely popular Russian salad off their menus in protest over the invasion of Ukraine.
But, don’t panic, it’s been rebranded, many eateries are now offering Ukraine Salad or Kyiv Salad.

And it’s not just in Spain where Russian salad is being rebranded.

A café in Kerala, India’s southernmost state, has come up with a unique approach to protest Russia’s continuing invasion of Ukraine: it has banned the popular Russian salad.
According to reports, the announcement was made at the Kashi Art Café in Fort Kochi in response to the increasing human tragedy in Ukraine.

“In solidarity with the people of Ukraine, we have removed ‘Russian Salad’ from our menu,” reads a slate board outside the restaurant.

It may appear rather petty, but Putin has sparked an anti-Russian feeling which has become deeply rooted in the social fabric of much of the world. There are Russians who have lived, worked and owned businesses in parts of Spain for nearly 30 years who are now afraid of leaving their homes.

The once friendly neighbours and friends no longer want to have anything to do with them. This war will scar Russians for generations, whether they support the war or not.