Carolina Darias | EFE

Person of the week

Was Spain's minister of health, Carolina Darias, whose definition of sooner rather than later was stretched ever further than it had been some weeks ago when she teased us all by implying that the requirement for indoor mask-wearing was only a matter of days away. Hadn't Prime Minister Sánchez said much the same thing? He had. So when will sooner now be? Are masks indoors mandated for the present in an attempt to allow supermarkets to shift some of the piles of stocks they have? It was in fact beginning to look as if the requirement will be lifted later rather than sooner. Incidence rates were back on the rise.

Three cheers...

Javier Gandara

For the CEO of easyJet in southern Europe, Javier Gandara, who was pleased to announce that air fares will not be increasing, despite the rise in fuel prices. The airline has its kerosene needs covered until September, so fares will still be “very cheap” in the summer. Until September at any rate, by when - and with any luck - factors might be rather more positive than they are right now. EasyJet was meanwhile looking to tempt more travellers with the promise of no masks required, the latest airline to do so. More tempting, though, will be the fares. We won’t be forgetting your words, Sr. Gandara. Very cheap.

A big boo....

Bad weather

For rubbish weather. We did perhaps have to anticipate something like it has been recently. Mother Nature, regardless of climate change, still does have the power to make adjustments. February was glorious with barely a drop of rain. January had been good. The reservoirs were getting lower. While it hasn’t been cats and dogs, there has been enough rain around, thanks very much. At least it was damping down the pollen; that was maybe one blessing for allergy sufferers. But come on, it is spring. In theory at any rate. April’s just around the corner, and so maybe the change of month will herald something better and a chance for all those solar panels to be energised.