Russian billionaire and owner of Chelsea football club Roman Abramovich arrives at a division of the High Court in central London | Andrew Winning


It is a sad state of affairs when the very existence of one of the leading soccer clubs in Europe comes into play. Before I continue, I admit, that I am a Chelsea fan. The future of the European champions is very in much in doubt after the club was effectively taken over by the British government as part of their sanctions against Russia. Roman Abramovich should have been sanctioned by the government for his links with the Putin regime but was it really necessary to seize some of his key assets such as his beloved football club? I am sorry to say that I believe that the British government has used Abramovich to show that they are tough on Russia. The former Chelsea owner has been used as a political pawn. Abramovich has attempted to bring peace to Ukraine and it has even been claimed that he was poisoned during peace talks by the Russians.

If he is Putin's friend, who needs enemies! The sale of Chelsea could have a direct impact on the Premier league. If the west London club is sold for a fraction of its value then it will send out the wrong message. The owners of Tottenham, which is allegedly for sale, are concerned that if Chelsea is sold on the cheap it will also impact on the value of their club. Hopefully, a buyer can be found sooner rather than later who will have the same dedication for the club as Abramovich did. While I can never support the former Chelsea owner´s alleged links with Putin I will say that he has done much for English football.