The public transport system in Mallorca is sadly underused. | MDB


I should have known better! On the spur of the moment we decided to head to the Easter funfair on the outskirts of Palma. By the time we arrived the rain clouds which had been threatening decided to make our trip to the fair a washout. No umbrella and no transport. I called for a taxi. I was assured that one would arrive in minutes.

Thirty minutes later and still no sign of the cab and it continued to rain. I decided to take shelter in one of the car garages just by the fair. It continued to rain hard. I had almost thrown in the towel at getting back to the centre of Palma, when I noticed a tardis-like structure in front of me. I suddenly remembered that the train and metro also go through the Poligino Son Castello industrial estate. Tardis here I come!

A lift took us down to the underground station, which was spotless and within minutes I was waiting on the platform for my train to the Plaza España. Despite the fairground being packed the station was half empty. Everyone, bar a few, had decided to take a car to the fair which led to long tailbacks at the roundabouts not helped by the heavy rain. My train arrived on time and 15 minutes later I was in the Plaza España. Anyone who complains about public transport in Mallorca needs to travel to other countries. I would say that Mallorca's buses and trains are some of the best in Europe. The only sad point is that they are hardly used. The car is King on Mallorca and no one appears to be too impressed with public transport.