British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures as he speaks during a news conference in New Delhi, India. | POOL


I have never met Conservative Member of Parliament, Robert Largan and I will probably never will, but he summed up my thoughts on Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he said “I will not defend the indefensible.” Some Johnson-supporting newspapers have made light of the partygate allegations saying that it is much ado about nothing and “now is not the time for such petty issues when we have a war in Europe”. I may be old-fashioned but the person who sets the laws shouldn´t break them. Simple.

If you ask the public to make sacrifices, you should lead by example. Johnson has already been fined once for breaking lockdown rulings and more could be in the pipeline. He is also facing a parliamentary investigation. In other words he is in big trouble and some are saying that his days at Number 10 are numbered. I hope so. This is not about party politics, this is about setting an example and doing the right thing when you are in high office. Johnson tries to model himself on Winston Churchill and perhaps, some ill-informed Johnson supporters, will say that the great wartime leader would have behaved similarly to Johnson in these circumstances. Absolute rubbish. Churchill was a great leader and Johnson is not in the same league. Churchill would have been the first person to admit that you have to follow the rules especially if you introduce them. Johnson should be thinking long and hard about his future and the mistakes he has made.