The Brexit scenario which look liked a nightmare has now passed. | CARL COURT


The British ambassador to Spain makes some interesting points in his interview with the Bulletin this week. Firstly, that the old green residence certificate is still VALID. I was almost turned away at the Spanish border at Madrid airport when I returned from New York in January because I presented immigration staff with the green certificate as proof of residency. I was told that it was no longer valid and had been replaced by the new TIE cards. So beware. The British government does say, though, that it is best to replace your green certificate with a new TIE card because it will make life much easier.

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Then there is the issue of British driving licences no longer being valid in Spain. The British government has secured numerous extensions and it is hoping that a new one will be granted. The government is looking for a longer deal which will ensure that this issue is resolved. To be honest, I think the whole process changing Spanish paperwork for British citizens living in Spain post-Brexit has been a big success.

Full marks to the Spanish government and the teams from the British Embassy and the Consular network in Spain for making this process so trouble-free. Obviously, there are teething problems, such as the issue of driving licences, but the Brexit scenario which looked like a nightmare has now passed.