Cruise ships in Palma's port. | Miquel A. Cañellas

The local authorities love their regulations. In fact, these days everything is regulated from the number of cruise ships which can visit the local port to the number of hotels and apartments which can be rented out. Shop opening times are regulated, working hours are regulated. Yes, we have a regulation for everything! But what has happened to the free market?

These days you can’t do what you want, it is up to the local authorities. Obviously, regulation is needed but is there too much red tape? Palma was effectively split over cruise ships. Business owners wanted as many as possible to moor-up in the port but local residents were concerned over regulation was introduced meaning that only three ships can dock at any one time.

A compromise deal you could say or just another example of more red tape on top of the red tape. No more hotels...but surely it is up to the local councils and business owners to decide? In fact, the local authorities are making life difficult for business owners who complain that there is just too much regulation. But the local authorities are proud of their track record. The Balearics is certainly regulated. Thankfully, the sun is always shining on Mallorca and business owners are able to overcome all the rules and regulations. Much is said about a free market and free trading but not in the Balearics...there is a nice little rule for everything.